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Life Is Feudal: Forest Village V1.1.6719 Hack Tool [Updated-2022]




1. Jungle Village One of the best building mods ever created and still as good today. It replaces all the build menu items with a stylized cross-section of a tree. It also includes a boss battle that slowly progresses as you level up. Jungle Village mod is a must for any tower defence game. 2. Village Combat Your villagers have now learned how to fight. 3. Animal Faction All the animals in the game are actually factions. With this mod, you can unlock the animals and convert them to your own side. 4. Village Leader The villagers’ leader can now be customized with different dialogue, but can also be disabled and have other villagers control it. 5. The Creature Mod Using this mod, you can explore over 100 creatures and read about them. No more poor descriptions. 6. Lizard Mod A great mod that adds the Lizard, which can take out any enemy. 7. Monster Hunter You can now kill any enemy that you want to be able to hunt. The mod is a hybrid of the Fear, Gore, and Steal mods and adds over 100 monsters to your game. 8. Aura of Fear Fear auras come to life and attack any living thing that gets too close. If you choose to destroy them, you can use the damage to make some gold. 9. Aura of Gore An enemy’s blood is your gold. Every second of damage increases the amount of gold you can make. The effects come on slowly. 10. Aura of Steal Taking an enemy’s life is the quickest way to make lots of gold. The effects come on slowly and your villagers are less likely to be affected. 11. Heirloom The villagers are more likely to help you and make you more rich if they have heirlooms that you want to give them. 12. Recruit Villagers will join you if you want to collect heirlooms and help. They can even join a foreign faction if you ask. 13. Heal Mod You can now heal your villagers by calling them into your base. 14. Artisan Villagers can make better tools and can be taught to make them. This mod is great if you want a mod that’s focused more on decoration. 15. Village Appearance Mod




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Life Is Feudal: Forest Village V1.1.6719 Hack Tool [Updated-2022]

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